Woman Says Cops Tasered Her Naked

     (CN) – In a rather unusual federal complaint, a woman claims a homeless man “sprayed her with bear Mace,” and the irritant made her strip off her clothes to ease the pain on her skin. In her “pain and delirium,” she says, she accidentally injured two homeless men with a knife, and Portland, Ore. police then Tasered her and shot her with a beanbag gun. She sued the police and the hospital that treated her.

     Dawn B. Davenport Johnson sued Portland, the Portland Adventist Hospital, and five Portland police officers for battery, constitutional violations and medical negligence.
     The complaint states: “On or about the night of August 21, 2009, Ms. Davenport had dispute with a homeless man and he sprayed her with bear Mace. She stripped off her clothes to alleviate the pain of the Mace on her skin. In her ensuing pain and delirium she inadvertently caused injury with a knife to two homeless men. While looking for water to wash off the bear Mace, police accosted her, she dropped the knife, Aaron Cole battered her in the face and hand with the Taser and P. Mawdsley bean-bagged her. Officers Brown, Wolf and Valdez injured her wrists arms and shoulders in forcibly handcuffing her, and injured her left knee by dropping their weight on the back of her knee, resulting in a limp.”
     Johnson includes the hospital in her claim of battery: “Portland Adventist Hospital sedated her and restrained her arms under her body handcuffed for more than four hours causing nerve damage to her hands and wrists.
     “As a direct result of the above conduct by defendants, Ms. Johnson has suffered pain and suffering, and endured emotional distress, embarrassment, and social ostracism.
     “Officers Mawdsley, Brown, Cole, Wolfe and Valdez acted with a conscious disregard for Ms. Johnson’s constitutional rights.”
     She seeks punitive damages and costs. She is represented by Leonard Berman.

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