Woman Claims Highway Patrolman Raped Her

     TULSA (CN) – An Oklahoma Highway Patrolman raped a woman while on duty, the woman claims in court.
     A.M.F., 28, of Tulsa, sued Oklahoma Highway Patrol Trooper Eric Roberts on Monday in Federal Court.
     She claims Roberts pulled her over on July 22 without justification.
     “After detecting the smell of marijuana, trooper Roberts smiled at A.M.F. and stated ‘you just made my day,'” the complaint states. “Trooper Roberts directed A.M.F. back to his patrol vehicle, where once inside, Trooper Roberts began asking A.M.F. inappropriate questions of a sexual nature.”
     The woman says that Roberts’ questions scared her, and that out of fear she complied with his order return to her car and have her female friend, who was in the car, get a motel room without her.
     Roberts then ordered her to drive them both, in her car, to a convenience store, where he bought two bottles of water, the woman says. He then ordered her to get into his squad car and made her “take off her bottoms, underwear, and squat down in the seat,” according to the complaint.
     It continues: “While squatting in the seat, naked from the waist down, A.M.F. began to wonder if she was going to die.”
     Among his first set of creepy questions, at the initial stop, Roberts asked her if she had a cell phone that was connected to the Internet, the woman says.
     Now, as Roberts drove, “Trooper Roberts instructed A.M.F. to go to the Internet pornography site called ‘Pornhub’ on her phone and to search for a pornography video called ‘gym teacher lesbians,'” the complaint states. “As he drove his patrol unit, trooper Roberts made A.M.F. perform sexual acts on herself while playing the pornography video on her phone.”
     Roberts drove them to “a secluded location in the area of Frankhoma Road in Creek County,” where he raped her, the complaint states.
     After he raped her, he washed himself with one of the bottles of water he had bought, and a blue rag, and he threw away a condom he wore to rape her, the complaint states.
     It adds: “After being allowed to dress, trooper Roberts drove A.M.F. back to her vehicle.
     “As he dropped A.M.F. off, Trooper Roberts smirked and said ‘I’ll see you later.'” A.M.F. says she told a friend about the alleged attack, who reported the sexual assault to the Highway Patrol. She believes that investigators were able to recover the condom Roberts used during the rape, but that Roberts has not been charged with a crime.
The Oklahoma Highway Patrol said Thursday that Roberts has been on paid suspension since July 24, pending an internal investigation on the allegations.
     Capt. George Brown, commander of OHP public affairs, said Roberts is a 16-year veteran of the patrol.
     “We take any complaint of misconduct very seriously,” Chief of Patrol Col. Ricky Adams said in a statement. “When this complaint was received against Trooper Eric Roberts, I ordered an immediate investigation into the matter. I expect the completion of this investigation very soon. These allegations are especially disturbing and require a proper review. Any type of conduct of the nature alleged will not be tolerated.”
     A.M.F. seeks punitive damages for violations of her Fourth and 14th Amendment protections against unlawful seizure and involuntary servitude.
     She is represented by Kevin Adams in Tulsa and Gina Cowley in Broken Arrow.

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