Woman Claims Doctor|Dealt Drugs for Sex

     LAS VEGAS (CN) – An oft-suspended Las Vegas doctor threatened to kill a woman who traded sex for drugs from him, the woman claims in court.
     Penny Scott sued Dr. Ronald Foote on Monday in Clark County Court
     She claims he gave her “unnecessary and highly addictive narcotic controlled substances in excessive amounts, in exchange for and/or while having an extensive sexual relationship with plaintiff.”
     She accuses him of medical malpractice, obstruction and intimidation.
     “Foote prescribed and dispensed excessive and unnecessary narcotics outside of the normal course of treatment, often providing only cursory exams or no exam at all in exchange for improper and unethical sexual relations,” Scott says in the complaint. She claims that Foote told her “on numerous occasion that he ‘had the ability pay $250,000 to have the plaintiff murdered if she caused problems with his life, his marriage or if she reported him to the State of Nevada Medical Board.'”
     Scott says in the lawsuit that Foote and co-defendant Arthur Pirtle offered to pay her $10,000 to sign a “patently false statement obstructing justice,” stating that Foote did not have sex with her in exchange for drugs.
     She also claims Foote on Feb. 20 personally delivered narcotics intended for another patient to her in exchange for sex, acting as “nothing more than a street drug dealer of heavily addicting narcotic drugs.”
     The Nevada Board of Medical Examiners indefinitely suspended Foote’s medical license on May 30 and said he “has informed the Board of his intent to enter into an addiction recovery program.”
     The Board will make a final determination on the status of Foote’s medical license after he completes the rehab program.
     Board of Medical Examiners’ records show the state temporarily suspended Foote’s medical license in 2007 and 2009 and revoked it in 2011 for violations of Nevada’s Medical Practice Act. Records indicate the state reinstated his medical license after he completed probationary terms and reached a settlement agreement after the 2011 revocation.
     Scott is represented by Ronald A. Colquitt of Henderson.
     She seeks actual and punitive damages in excess of $10,000, and costs.

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