Woman Claims Boss|Sexually Abused Her

     BROOKLYN (CN) – A former employee claims in Federal Court that her boss at RadioShack physically forced her to give him oral sex.
     J.R. sued RadioShack Corp. and her former boss, Majid Waheed.
     J.R. claims that Waheed’s depredations included “grabbing (plaintiff’s) head, forcing it towards his exposed penis and stat(ing) to plaintiff, ‘Do me’, physically forcing (plaintiff) to perform oral sex. Defendants then retaliated against plaintiff by penalizing her financially and terminating her solely for objecting to defendant Waheed’s illegally harassment and discrimination.”
     J.R., a 22-year-old saleswoman, says that Waheed, who is in his late 30s or early 40s, began harassing her from Jump Street.
     He requested a second job interview in his car, which ended with him hugging and kissing her, saying, “I have liked you from the first moment I saw you and I cannot control myself. I want you to become my girlfriend without anyone else knowing about it,” according to the complaint.
     J.R. says cried and asked him to take her home, which he did, promising not to repeat the inappropriate conduct if she did not tell anyone about it.
     Then he called and told her he wanted to show her the store where she would be working, according to the complaint. J.R. claims she hung up on him after the first call, but because she needed the job, eventually gave in to his repeated calls and his assurances that she could “trust him and nothing was going to happen.”
     She says he picked her up, but instead of taking her to a RadioShack, drove her to a parking lot, where he told her that “she was the woman he was looking for” and “he imagined making love to her,” and then “proceeded to grab her breasts, touch her vagina and unzip his pants, exposing his penis.”
     “Defendant Waheed then grabbed plaintiff (J.R.’s) head, forced it towards his exposed penis and told her to ‘do me,’ physically forcing plaintiff (J.R.) to perform oral sex.”
     After this, J.R. says, Waheed told her she would have to continue to perform sexual favors him, and to send him nude photos of herself. She refused and he fired her, she says.
     She seeks punitive damages. She is represented by William Phillips.

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