Woman Claims Boss Raped Her Repeatedly

     HOUSTON (CN) – A Houston businessman raped a woman for 15 months after hiring her for a software job, she claims in court.
     Q.Z. sued D.H. in Harris County Court.
     “Plaintiff responded to a software developer employment position posted and advertised by defendant’s company, Precision Reservoir Modeling Inc.,” the complaint states. “Defendant conducted interviews with plaintiff via telephone and a Skype video conference. Thereafter, defendant offered plaintiff the employment position with the company.”
     Q.Z. says in the complaint that when she arrived in Houston in February 2012 D.H. picked her up at the airport and took her to an extended stay hotel as temporary housing until she found a place.
     The next day D.H. picked her up and said he wanted to show her around the office and discuss her new job.
     “Defendant told plaintiff that he interviewed ‘a lot of girls who are pretty and sweet,’ but he chose to hire plaintiff,” the complaint states. “Defendant promised plaintiff that he would give her a high salary if plaintiff followed everything defendant asked her to do. At this time, plaintiff was under the impression that defendant was referring to her job duties.
     “Defendant then drove plaintiff back to her hotel room. When plaintiff entered her hotel room, defendant followed plaintiff into her room and hurriedly proceeded to close the curtains, frightening plaintiff. Defendant then stood behind plaintiff and began to touch plaintiff’s hair, stating that plaintiff’s hair was very beautiful. Defendant attempted to kiss plaintiff but his advances were refused by plaintiff.
     “On February 19, 2012, defendant returned to plaintiff’s hotel room and apologized for his unwanted sexual advances made the previous evening. Defendant promised not to sexually harass plaintiff any further and gave plaintiff a check for $1,200 as a relocation fee. On February 20, 2012, defendant arrived at plaintiff’s hotel to take her to work, as she did not own or have access to a vehicle at that time. Later that day, defendant took plaintiff to view an apartment for rent. Plaintiff signed a lease and defendant drove plaintiff to a store to order a bed for her new apartment.
     “On February 25, 2012, defendant arrived at plaintiff’s apartment and entered without plaintiff’s consent. Defendant forced plaintiff into the bedroom and pushed her on the bed. Defendant restrained plaintiff’s arms and overcame all of plaintiff’s efforts to resist. Defendant successfully raped plaintiff against her will. Defendant drove plaintiff to a local CVS store and Plan B birth control was purchased. Defendant drove plaintiff back to her apartment where he forcibly raped plaintiff a second time.
     “Over the following 15 months, defendant continued to forcibly rape plaintiff, using and subjecting plaintiff to threats, bribes, and degrading treatment in the presence of plaintiff’s co-workers at defendant’s company. During and after that period of time, plaintiff developed symptoms of severe depression, anxiety and other psychological effects as a result of defendant’s continued sexual abuse.”
     Q.Z. claims that on June 5 she took extended leave from work due to D.H.’s abuse.
     She seeks punitive damages for assault, false imprisonment and infliction of emotional distress.
     She is represented by Anissah Andang with Nguyen and Chen of Houston.

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