Witness to Factory Rampage Sues Security

     ST. LOUIS (CN) – An ABB employee who saw his co-workers gunned down sued Securitas Security Services for allowing the rampage to occur. Edward Lamm was unhurt in the Jan. 7 rampage by Timothy Hendron, a disgruntled co-worker who killed three and wounded five and then killed himself.

     In his complaint in City Court, Lamm claims he was the danger done and saw his co-workers wounded and killed. He says he suffered emotional injuries.
     He claims that Securitas: failed to make sure those entering ABB property were not carrying weapons; allowed ABB employees to carry weapons onto the property; allowed Hendron to carry weapons onto ABB property when it knew or should have known he was a disgruntled employee; failed to take adequate measures to warn employees after determining that Hendron had carried and shot his guns at the ABB plant; and failed to stop Hendron after he started shooting. Two individual Securitas employees were also named as defendants.
     The complaint is similar to eight others that victims of the shootings filed in March. This complaint, as were the others, was filed by Ed Hershewe of Joplin.

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