Witness Bumps Her Head in Court

     DALLAS (CN) – A witness appearing in a suburban Dallas court claims in court that she was injured when a court officer moved the chair she was sitting in.
     Cathy Travis sued Glenn Heights, Texas, in Dallas County Court.
     Travis says she testified in municipal court on Nov. 18, 2010.
     “During this court appearance at one point, Ms. Travis stood up and when she attempted to sit back down, Officer Chancey, an employee by defendant City of Glenn Heights, Texas moved the chair causing Ms. Travis to fall and hit her head, which resulted in numerous injuries,” the complaint states.
     Travis says she had to pay medical expenses expects more “reasonable and necessary” medical expenses in the future.
     Glenn Heights is about 10 miles south of Dallas.
     Travis seeks damages for violations of the Texas Tort Claims Act.
     She is represented by Christopher Gale with Gale Wilson of San Antonio.

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