Wisconsin Court Revokes Attorney’s Law License

     (CN) – The Wisconsin Supreme Court revoked the law license of attorney Alan D. Eisenberg for a pattern of abusive litigation tactics that dates back four decades. Eisenberg lost his license after being disciplined for the fifth time.

     In a per-curiam decision, the court took the action in response to a referee’s report that Eisenberg pursued a “vendetta” against his client’s ex-wife.
     According to the referee, Eisenberg filed a frivolous defamation lawsuit against the ex-wife and falsely told a newspaper that the jury in a related criminal case stormed the judge’s chambers to demand that the ex-wife be prosecuted for perjury.
     “There are some disturbing similarities between the conduct in the instant case and the conduct which formed the basis for Attorney Eisenberg’s first suspension in 1970,” the ruling states.
     Eisenberg was disciplined at that time for pursuing “a course of vindictive and reckless harassment and psychological persecution against a Milwaukee judge, causing him “great mental suffering and anguish.”
     Eisenberg was also suspended in 1988 and 2004 and reprimanded in 1996.

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