Wis. Justices Turn Down Stadium-Name Dispute

     (CN) – The Wisconsin Supreme Court declined to rule on an attempt of veterans’ groups to stop the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse from naming its football stadium after a former coach.

     The city named Veterans Memorial Stadium in 1945 before its construction. In 1988, the city quitclaimed the deed to the university, with the provision that the stadium be named after the veterans.
     After the retirement of longtime coach Roger Harring, the university re-named the stadium after Harring, while dubbing the surrounding practice facility Memorial Field.
     The trial court and court of appeals ruled in the university’s favor. In a per-curiam decision, the Wisconsin Supreme Court dismissed a petition for review as improvidently granted.
     “The issues for which we took the case,” the justices wrote, “do not present any novel questions or lead to the development of the law.”

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