Wireless Giants Hit With Int’l Trade Complaint

     WASHINGTON (CN) – HTC America, Pantech Wireless and tech giants import cellphones and tablets that infringe on four patents, Flashpoint Technologies says in a complaint with the International Trade Commission.
     The patents cover image capture and display on video screens, generation of electronic documents, and a method for highlighting parts of an image on screen, according to the complaint.
     Singling out the Pantech Burst, the HTC Radar 4G and Vivid, the Hauawei Impulse, and the ZTE Fury as infringing devices, Flashpoint Technologies wants the ITC to launch an investigation.
     If infringement is proven, Flashpoint wants the commission to prevent further importation of the devices, and issue a cease-and-desist order that stops sales of products already in the United States.
     Apple, Motorola, Samsung and Sony have licensed the Flashpoint patents in the suit.
     Flashpoint was spun off from Apple in 1996 to focus on its Digita operating system, which is used in digital cameras marketed by Kodak, Hewlet Packard, Pentax and Minolta.
     The complaint was filed with the ITC by Goutam Patnaik with Pepper Hamilton in Washington, D.C.

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