Widow Distraught Over Mishandling of Ashes

     ELKHART, Ind. (CN) – A funeral home worker spilled an Indiana man’s ashes onto his widow’s kitchen counter, wiped up the mess and threw it away, a new lawsuit alleges.
     Carolyn Walker, of Elkhart, says the traumatizing ordeal occurred on May 22, 2014, a week after the May 15 death of her husband Michael.
     Roosevelt Cobb Jr., of Cobb Funeral Home in South Bend, had gone to Walker’s home to deliver her husband’s cremated remains, according to the complaint filed Jan. 20 in Elkhart Superior Court.
     The complaint names only the business, not the employee, as a defendant.
     Walker says Cobb spilled her husband’s remains twice: first in transferring the ashes from a delivery container into a “ziplock bag,” and again while pouring the ashes into an urn.
     “In the process of doing so, remains spilled onto the counter top of the plaintiff’s kitchen, as well as onto the floor,” the complaint states.
     Walker says she was traumatized by watching her husband’s remains treated so carelessly.
     “After spilling the remains onto the counter top and to the floor, Roosevelt Cobb Jr. proceeded to take a paper towel and wipe up the remains and discarded the paper towel and spilled remains into a trash container,” the complaint states.
     Walker is represented by South Bend attorney Daniel Pfeifer in the complaint for mental anguish and emotional distress.

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