Who’s the Real Pawnbroker to the Stars?

     LOS ANGELES (CN) – A Beverly Hills pawnbroker claims in court that a reality show about a competitor violates its trademark as Pawn Broker To The Stars, and it wants $1 million for it.
     Beverly Loan Company, founded in 1938, sued Asylum Entertainment and the digital cable channel Reelzchannel over the show “Beverly Hills Pawn.” The show has been on the air since June. Beverly Loan seeks damages for trademark infringement and unfair competition.
     The TV show follows Yossi Dina, of Dina Collection of Beverly Hills, a pawn shop frequented by Hollywood celebrities. Dina is half a mile from Beverly Loan Co., on Beverly Drive.
     Beverly Loan claims it registered the “Pawnshop To The Stars” mark with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on April 7, 2009.
     “By distributing and airing the infringing series, defendants are misappropriating and utilizing the mark and goodwill of plaintiff. Further, this misappropriation allows Mr. Dina to unfairly compete with plaintiff and thereby dilute plaintiff’s mark,” the complaint states.
     Beverly Loan claims the producers ignored a cease and desist demand about using “language confusingly similar” to the Pawn Broker to the Stars trademark.
     “Since the infringing series has aired, there has been actual consumer confusion regarding the Dina Collection and the infringing show’s affiliation with Beverly Loan Company. Plaintiff has received several phone calls and emails from customers that have seen the infringing show or have seen advertisements for the infringing show and thought it was related to Beverly Loan Company. In one instance, the caller asked to speak with Mr. Dina,” the complaint states.
     Beverly Loan claims the defendants are exploiting its “established goodwill and reputation.”
     Beverly Loan, owned by nonparty Jordan Tabach-Bank, seeks an injunction and damages.
     It is represented by Matthew Kavanaugh with Eisner Kahan Gorry Chapman Ross & Jaffe of Beverly Hills.
     Asylum Entertainment and Reelz did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

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