White House Issues Report on ‘Smart’ Gun Technology

WASHINGTON (CN) – The Obama administration on Wednesday released its minimum technical requirements for “smart” gun technology employed by law enforcement.

Though extensive research into technologies that authenticate a gun user’s identity and slows the user’s ability to shoot have been underway since the 1990s, the White House directed the departments of Justice, Homeland Security and Defense to address the need for them with more urgency.

It April the agencies released a report outlining their strategies to “encourage the development of advanced gun safety technology.”

The 17-page report described factors for gun makers to consider when manufacturing firearms for law enforcement including reliability, cost, ease of use, maintenance and repair, durability and the weapon’s ability to be used by multiple handlers while still remaining safe and less prone to accidental firing by someone other than the owner.

The National Institute of Justice also collaborated on the April report, which was then subject to a two-month public comment period.

In announcing the release of the finalized report, the Justice Department the measures are voluntary and are intended to “spur the growth of enhanced gun safety technology and not to mandate that any particular individual or law enforcement agency adopt the technology once developed.”

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