Where’s Waldo? Beat Him Up

     SAN FRANCISCO (CN) – A security guard sucker-punched a college student, breaking his jaw and knocking him out at a Halloween party, claiming he was drunk, but he wasn’t: he was one of nine people dressed up as Waldo, the student claims in court.
     Miguel Gonzalez sued 111 Minna Gallery LLC, Security Intelligence Specialist, and the John Doe security guard, in Superior Court.
     Gonzalez, a student at UC-Berkeley’s business school, went to a charitable Halloween party at the defendant gallery on Oct. 25, 2012.
     “Plaintiff himself was wearing a ‘Waldo’ costume,” he says in the complaint. “At least 8 other students at the party were also dressed as ‘Waldo.'”
     The John Doe bouncer tried to kick him out of the party at 11:40 p.m., Gonzalez says in the complaint.
     It continues: “When plaintiff asked why he had to leave, the bouncer replied, ‘You’re too drunk.’ In fact, plaintiff was not intoxicated, and had done nothing which would warrant being ejected from the premises. Plaintiff is informed and believes that the bouncer confused him with another student in a ‘Waldo’ costume.”
     Nonetheless, Gonzalez says, he agreed to leave. He was going to the door when “he was shoved forcefully in the chest by the bouncer, who was taller than plaintiff and outweighed him by well over 100 pounds. Plaintiff pushed back and said, ‘Don’t push me.’ Plaintiff then resumed walking toward the front door. After plaintiff had left the premises, and was standing on the sidewalk, he was punched in the face by the bouncer. The force of the punch was such that it fractured plaintiff’s jaw and knocked him unconscious. The punch came without warning, provocation or justification.”
     Gonzalez seeks damages and punitive damages for battery, with malice.
     He is represented by Scott Bonzell, of Oakland.

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