Where’s the Akaushi Beef?

     VICTORIA, Texas (CN) – Worldwide Media’s domain name implies that it sells high-grade Akaushi beef, but the site simply redirects would-be Akaushi beef buyers to another site that sells lower-quality meat, Heartbrand Beef claims in Federal Court.

     Worldwide’s site, akaushisteaks.com, allegedly routes potential customers to the homepage of Lobel’s of New York, which does not sell Akaushi beef.
     Akaushi beef comes from a breed of Japanese cattle that’s protected as a national treasure by the Japanese government. Akaushi beef is highly marbled, making it tender and savory, and many beef experts consider it the healthiest beef in the world, the lawsuit claims.
     As the sole supplier of Akaushi beefs and steaks, Heartbrand says the defendant’s bait-and-switch tactic creates consumer confusion and illegally diverts business from the plaintiff.
     Heartbrand seeks an injunction preventing the defendants from using the term “Akaushi” in connection with their meat.
     The plaintiff meat company is represented by Gunn & Lee.

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