Where’s My $75,000?|Crime-Stopper Asks Banks

PHOENIX (CN) — A man who says he identified a bank robber and stayed on the 911 line until police shot the man to death sued the two banks he’d robbed, claiming they reneged on paying $75,000 in rewards.
     Richard Bounds was in a bank parking lot in Phoenix when he recognized a man heading into the bank as Mario Garnett, who had already robbed banks in Mississippi and Georgia and had shot two police officers.
     Bounds says he called 911 and remained on the phone until police arrived and killed Garnett.
     In his June 21 federal complaint, Bounds says he knew that Bancorp South, Renasant Bank and McDonald’s of Mississippi had all offered rewards for information leading to the capture of Garnett. But all three companies refused to pay.
     The FBI paid him the $25,000 reward it had offered, Bounds and, the FBI and the City of Phoenix both recognized him for helping to stop Garnett’s crime spree.
     He wants Bancorp to pay him the $50,000 reward it offered, Renasant to pay its $25,000 reward, and McDonald’s to pay its $5,000.
     Bounds’s attorney John Pope did not immediately return a phone call seeking comment. Bancorp and Renasant did not return voice mails, and McDonald’s of Mississippi could not be reached.

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