Wheels Within Wheels in Buddy Holly Case

     (CN) – In a complaint that reads like a post-structural modern novel, John Mueller, a Buddy Holly impersonator, claims Hallmark Records misappropriated his image on a Buddy Holly album.

     Mueller says defendant Pickwick Group, of Great Britain, which does business in the United States as Hallmark Records, used his image without permission on the cover of its album, “Buddy Holly: The Chirping Crickets.”
     He claims that “hundreds, if not thousands” of the album have been sold.
     Mueller adds: “The cover of this album contains a picture of Muller [sic], who, coincidentally, looks like the late Buddy Holly and earns a living as a Buddy Holly impersonator.”
     Mueller demands punitive damages for misappropriation of his likeness. He is represented in Los Angeles Superior Court by Neville Johnson.

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