West Virginia Deputies|Accused of Gang Rape

CHARLESTON, W.Va. (CN) – A woman says drunken sheriff’s deputies gang-raped her after picking her up in front of a strip club. Three Logan County deputies drove her up a highway and took turns raping her against the hood of their car while a fourth deputy “remained in the patrol car, sick, vomiting and intoxicated,” according to the federal complaint.

Jane Doe says the deputies pulled her out of her car in Logan, W. Va., and took her up route 44 toward Switzer, where three deputies raped her.
Doe is joined by two John Doe plaintiffs, who say the deputies assaulted and harassed them when they picked up Jane Doe.
     The men say the “deputy officer defendants intimidated, assaulted and threatened John Doe 2, emptied his wallet, and ordered John Doe 2 to drive John Doe 1 home, or ‘they (the deputy officer defendants) would kill the both of them.'”
     Jane Doe says “the deputy officer defendants were in uniform and acting under the guise and color of the law,” and “were intoxicated” during the attack, which began at about 3 a.m. on Sept. 7, 2008.
     The plaintiffs demand punitive damages from the Logan County Sheriff’s Department, alleging excessive force, assault, battery and conversion – for the money the deputies allegedly stole money from John Doe 2.
     The plaintiffs are represented by Richard Lindsay II.

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