Wesley Snipes Owes|$29,300, AmEx Says

     ORLANDO (CN) – American Express claims jailed actor Wesley Snipes owes it $29,343 on his credit card. Snipes is serving three years for tax evasion.
     American Express Bank claims Wesley T. Snipes ran up $29,343.03 in charges, then defaulted on payments. It demands payment plus interest.
     Snipes was convicted in February 2008 of three misdemeanor counts of failing to file federal tax returns. He was acquitted of felony counts of conspiracy and filing a false claim. Snipes apparently acted under the influence of two tax-protester “advisers” and co-defendants, who were sentenced to longer prison terms.
     Snipes was allowed to remain free on appeal, but the 11th Circuit affirmed his convictions in July 2010 and the Federal Court in Ocala, Fla., revoked his bail and sent him to prison in December that year. His release date is expected to be in July 2013.

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