We Hold This Popcorn to Be Self-Evident

     SAN DIEGO (CN) – Nine hungry customers sued AMC Entertainment for offering federal employees a free small popcorn in a 10-day promotion last year, while denying free corn to state, county and city employees, “unemployed theatergoers” and “moviegoers working in the private sector.”
     Lead plaintiff Rich Allison, et al., sued AMC Entertainment in Superior Court, alleging civil rights violations.
     AMC Theaters offered the promo from Oct. 1-10, 2013, according to the July 1, 16-page lawsuit, which is replete with hostility toward federal workers.
     Allison et al. claim that “the Promotion” offered “a free small popcorn or an equal credit towards a large size popcorn to all federal employees upon presentation of a valid government ID … . During the Promotion, AMC denied the free popcorn or equal credit – both valued at about $6.00 – to patrons who were unemployed, or were employed by state, county, or municipal governments, or worked in the private sector.”
     The lawsuit then claims, in high dudgeon, that “Multimillionaire California members of Congress such as Representative Darrell Issa (estimated net worth over $220 million), Senator Diane Feinstein (estimate net worth over $45 million, Representative Nancy Pelosi (estimated net worth over $35 million), and Representative Gary Miller (estimated net worth over $17 million)” could have qualified for a free small popcorn.
     So could have “The Environmental Protection Agency employee who, since 2010, has viewed two to six hours of porn per day on his computer at work, has over 7,000 porn files on that computer, watched porn when inspector general agents visited his office, made over $120,000 in 2013, received performance awards for his time at the agency, and is still employed at the EPA despite confessing to the time he spent at work viewing pornography on his computer,” according to the complaint.
     Former Secretary of Veteran Affairs Eric Shinseki (salary: $199,700 “plus a posh pension plan and health insurance”) could have got a free small popcorn, or perhaps several of them; as could federal judges (salary: $199,100), U.S. appellate court judges (salary: $211,200), “but AMC denied the lower-paid State of California judges and justices the free snack and $6.00 credit during the Promotion,” the complaint states.
     Allison does not allege that any of these federal employees actually received a free small popcorn. But Allison and four other plaintiffs claim that they each asked for a free small popcorn on Oct. 10, 2013, at an AMC theater in the Fashion Valley Mall in San Diego, and were denied it.
     So each of them, and all of them, were “required to pay, and each did pay, AMC $6.00 for a small container of popcorn,” the complaint states.
     Need we say more?
     We need not.
     The plaintiffs seek damages for violation of the Unruh Civil Rights Act, an injunction, statutory damages and costs.
     They are represented by Alfred G. Rava, of Voltaire Street, in San Diego.

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