We Are Not Making This Up

     (CN) – In a patent case that gives new meaning to the term “digital technology,” New Frontier Technologies claims that a rival’s “Real Touch” masturbation tool infringes on its “Method and Device for Interactive Virtual Control of Sexual Aids Using Digital Computer Networks.” New Frontier took a license on the patent on Valentine’s Day 2008.

     According to the federal complaint in Las Vegas, Hassex owns the patent and licensed it to New Frontier. Both of them sued Internet Services, a California LLC that operates out of Charlotte, N.C., and WMM Holdings LLC, of Nevada. The patent at issue is No. 6,368,268.
     The patent for the “Method and Device for Interactive Virtual Control of Sexual Aids Using Digital Computer Networks” was issued on April 9, 2002, according to the complaint.
     Hassex licensed it to New Frontier on Feb. 14, 2008.
     “Upon information and belief, in January 2009, AEBN introduced the Real Touch product at AVN’s Adult Entertainment Expo,” the complaint states, without further elucidation about the nature of AEBN, AVN or the Adult Entertainment Expo.
     New Frontier claims either direct infringement or infringement under the doctrine of equivalents. (This suggests a joke to us, but we will refrain.)
     New Frontier seeks disgorgement and treble damages.
     The patent application is included as an appendix to the complaint.
     Apparently, the device is hooked up, and can be synchronized with, porn films, or the Internet.
     Here is the Abstract from the patent application: “An interactive sexual stimulation system has one or more interfaces. Each user interface generally comprises a computer having an input device, video camera and transmitter. The transmitter is used to interface the computer with one or more sexual stimulation devices, which are also located at the user interface. In accordance with the preferred embodiment, a person at a first user interface controls the stimulation device(s) located at a second user interface. The first and second user interfaces may be connected, for instance, through a website on the Internet. In another embodiment, a person at a user interface may interact with a prerecorded video feed. The invention is implemented by software that is stored at the computer of the user interface, or at a website accessed through the Internet.”
     According to the application, the patent examiner cited “Fuck U Fuck Me Product Info, 1999” in his or her research.
     The many drawings in the patent application do not depict the nature of the sexual stimulation devices, though one box – No. 122 – indicates that the “stimulator type” may be “anal, penile, vaginal, etc.”
     Diagrams on page 11 and 12 of the application include electronic flow charts that indicate that the “input device” or “joy stick” is connected to “control devices” which are programmed in this order: “if anal – yes/no – if penile – yes/no – if vaginal – yes/no.”
     If one selects “No” three times, according to the flow chart, one gets an “invalid option.”
     Plaintiffs are represented by Charles McCrea Jr. with Lionel Sawyer & Collins of Las Vegas and John Posthumus with Sheridan Ross of Denver.

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