‘We Appreciate Your Business, But …’

      HILLSBORO, ORE. (CN) – A customer sued Wells Fargo bank, claiming its employees “abandoned” him during an incident of bank rage, when an angry customer drove an SUV through the bank’s plate glass window. The driver apparently was unhappy about a bank transaction.

     Plaintiff Marlin Yoder said that minutes before the incident, he overheard a bank employee tell the driver, Vitaliy Bibik, that his account had insufficient funds. Yoder said the bank worker denied Bibik’s request for a $5 loan, then refused to lend him 60 cents.
     Bank employees allegedly fled from the crash, leaving the plaintiff alone in the lobby with Bibik.
     He says Bibik drove through the lobby toward the place where he was trying to hide. He said the car knocked over cubicles and pinned him to the floor. When he finally escaped, Yoder says, he found that the bank employees were already safe in the parking lot.
     He demands $50,000 lost wages, medical and other damages, in Washington County Court.

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