Water Filters Leak|Arsenic, Group Says

SAN RAFAEL, Calif. (CN) – Proctor & Gamble’s and Omnipure’s “activated carbon” filters release arsenic into water and the companies are not warning consumer of it, the Center for Environmental Health claims in Marin County Court.

     “Arsenic is present in the activated carbon used in the filers and replacement filers of defendants’ drinking water filtration systems,” the complaint states. “People who use the products, including children, consume water from the products after arsenic has leached from the products into the water.”
     The Center claims Omnipure and Proctor & Gamble violate California’s Proposition 65 by railing to warn consumers about the risks of cancer and birth defects from the arsenic.
     It demands fines of $2,500 per day for every Proposition 65 violation, and an injunction. It is represented by Eric Somers with the Lexington Law Group of San Francisco.

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