War Crimes Defendant Extradited to Bosnia

WASHINGTON (CN) – A Croatian prison guard has been extradited to Bosnia to stand trial for war crimes he allegedly committed during the former Yugoslavia’s civil war.
     Almaz Nezirovic, 54, who was living in Roanoke, Va., is accused of torturing civilians at the Rabic Prison Camp, where he was a guard in 1992.
     His tortures included stripping victims naked, beating them severely with a club, and forcing them to eat grass on which others had urinated, the Department of Justice said in a statement.
     He was extradited on July 1 after years of investigation and litigation.
     Nezirovic was a member of a Croatian-Muslim paramilitary group in northern Bosnia.
     He was arrested in Virginia in 2011 and charged with immigration fraud – lying about what he did in the war – and extradited after his attorneys took the case to the Fourth Circuit.
     The Department of Justice investigated him with help from Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Human Rights Violators and War Crimes Center.

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