Wackenhut Cheats, Nashville Says

     NASHVILLE (CN) – After Wackenhut allowed burglars to steal computers containing sensitive information about voters, Nashville and Davidson County had to spend $733,000 on an ID protection program, the governments say. Then a $50,000 audit allegedly revealed that Wackenhut was cheating taxpayers by overbilling, charging for security shifts that did not exist, and charging for equipment it uses for other customers.

     The Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County says it learned of Wackenhut’s alleged frauds in the audit it conducted after the Christmas Eve 2007 burglary of the Elections Commission office.
     Nashville and Davidson County sued Wackenhut in Chancery Court.In a separate complaint in the same court, Wackenhut sued Specialized Security Consultants, claiming it subcontracted the Elections Commission job to Specialized. Wackenhut also sued First Mercury Insurance for indemnification

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