Vuitton Sues Hyundai Over Super Bowl Ad

     (CN) – Louis Vuitton claims Hyundai violated trademark in a Super Bowl TV commercial that showed men shooting hoops with a basketball marked with “a deliberately arranged pattern” of Vuitton trademarks. “The theme of the offending commercial is to correlate luxury and value to sell the Hyundai Sonata-brand automobile,” Vuitton claims in Manhattan Federal Court.

     Louis Vuitton Malletier claims Hyundai took advantage of huge audience of 106 million people who watched the game by taking a free ride on LV trademarks.
     The offending commercial (one of 9 Hyundai aired during the Super Bowl) “features a group of men playing basketball with a dark brown-tinted ball covered in a deliberately arranged pattern of contrasting light brown ‘LZ’ initials together with ‘X and O’ geometric elements, all colorable imitations of the LV, Toile Monogram, and Flowers trademarks owned and registered by Louis Vuitton,” the complaint states.
     Louis Vuitton demands an injunction and punitive damages for trademark violation and dilution, false designation and unfair competition. It is represented by Mark Zauderer with Flemming Zulack Williamson & Zauderer.

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