Virtual Golfers File Real Class Action

     FREEHOLD, N.J. (CN) – Virtual golfers say in a class action that Electronic Arts sold them the game “Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters,” without telling them they would have to pay more money to complete the virtual golf circuit. Tiger Woods is not a party to this complaint.
     Keith Casella sued EZ Corp. for the class, in Monmouth County Court.
     The game, which sells for $59.99, allows customers playing in “career” mode to accumulate points and increase their rankings through performance, giving them the power to buy virtual equipment and upgrade their skills.
     At issue the “downloadable content” feature, which is distributed through the Internet and released separately from the main video game. The extra, downloadable content tracks cost $15 to $35, according to the complaint.
     Casella says EA sells the games by claiming that “players can participate in a succession of golf tournaments, particularly the famed Augusta Masters tournament, as well as 14 additional courses.” But it never told customers that buying the game would give them access to all of the courses in the Tiger 12 program that players needed to complete the career tract.
     “This undisclosed policy frustrates the legitimate expectations of purchasers of TW 12 who had no reason to believe that they would be unable to complete all of the TW12 courses in ‘career’ mode,” Casella says.
     He seeks class damages for breach of contract, breach of warranty and consumer fraud. He is represented by Bruce Greenberg with Lite DePalma Greenberg of Newark.

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