Vile Behavior Alleged at Music School

LOS ANGELES (CN) – A woman who worked at a children’s music school in West Los Angeles claims that other employees sexually harassed her by making her watch pornography and singing lewd songs. In her Superior Court complaint, Lisa Marie Maestas says working at Music Stars and Masters was “disgusting” because of the X-rated material and the comments to which male employees subjected her.

     Maestas, who says she got $20 an hour as a music teacher, claims employee-defendants Jim Chong, Daniel Rosa, Jason Lingle and Andri Leonardo showed her a porn video called “2 Girls in a Cup” involving two naked girls drinking fecal matter and swapping it in their mouths.
     She says the man also “sang sex lyrics to children’s songs” in her presence, though she told them that it offended her.
     According to the complaint, the men sang, “If you’re happy and you know it, lick my dick.” They wanted to get a reaction, Maestas says.
     When she reported their lewd behavior, she says, her hours were cut. She was eventually fired in January 2009 after working there for a year, Maestas says.
     When parents and students asked where she was, the school told them she was “sick.” She says the school never looked into her complaints.
     Maestas wants the defendants enjoined from doing it again, plus back pay, front pay, and punitive damages for sexual discrimination and harassment, retaliation, emotional distress, invasion of privacy and wrongful termination.
     She is represented by Scott Myer.

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