Vet Sued for Deaths|of Two Siberian Tigers

RENO, Nev. (CNS) – A veterinarian killed two Siberian tigers by giving them a lethal dose of a tranquilizer despite being warned against it, the tiger’s owner claims in court.
     Peter Renzo and the S.A.B.R.E. Foundation sued Henry Kostecki, D.V.M., on June 3 in Washoe County Court.
     “Renzo raised the tigers from birth,” his attorney John Arrascada told Courthouse News. “They were like his children.”
     Renzo says he hired Kostecki to trim the tigers’ nails at Renzo’s home and sanctuary in Stagecoach, on June 6, 2013.
     He claims that Kostecki tranquilized both cats, Thor and Thunder, with tranquilizer darts of Telazol, and with Telazol injections into their necks.
     Kostecki had been warned “not to administer Telazol for the sedating/tranquilizing of the tigers and was cautioned that if he used Telazol to administer in a very small dosage,” according to the complaint.
     Renzo does not state who warned Kostecki about this. He claims the vet overdosed the tigers with the injections. Thunder died on June 13 and Thor on June 23 that year.
     Only 400 to 500 endangered Siberian tigers remain in the world. The S.A.B.R.E. Foundation was established in 2000 to preserve endangered tigers and educate the public on the animals.
     Kostecki told Courthouse News he was not aware he had been sued.
     Renzo seeks more than $10,000 in damages for negligence and the wrongful death of the tigers.

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