Venezuela Calls on US to Reopen Diplomatic Ties

CARACAS, Venezuela (AFP) — Venezuela’s socialist government on Wednesday called on the United States to restore diplomatic ties with Caracas after it opened talks with fringe opposition parties.

Venezuela broke off relations with the United States after Washington recognized opposition leader Juan Guaidó as interim president on Jan. 23.

Vice President Delcy Rodriguez told reporters in Caracas that it made sense for the United States “to restore diplomatic contacts and dialogue with the government” of President Nicolás Maduro.

Rodriguez said Washington is left with only “a single path,” having failed to remove Maduro from power, and that is “negotiation and diplomatic communication.”

President Trump’s administration has targeted Venezuela’s oil industry and Maduro’s inner circle with a raft of economic sanctions.

The United States blames Maduro for the economic collapse of Venezuela, from which millions have fled due to shortages of basic goods, and considers him illegitimate after widespread reports of irregularities in last year’s election.

Both Maduro and Trump said in August that talks had been taking place involving senior officials from the two sides.

Rodriguez also welcomed Monday’s agreement between the government and minority opposition parties — outside of Guaidó’s coalition — to open negotiations on political changes aimed at resolving Venezuela’s crisis.

Former presidential candidate Javier Bertucci joined the pact on Wednesday.

The agreement involves the return of around 55 socialist lawmakers to the opposition-dominated National Assembly and the release of political prisoners.

Guaidó’s deputy as National Assembly leader, Edgar Zambrano, was the first to be released late Tuesday. Zambrano said 58 other opposition figures would be released starting Wednesday.

The National Assembly’s deputy vice president Stalin Gonzalez said Wednesday that the agreement would allow Maduro “to cling to power.”

The national Assembly is the only one of Venezuela’s governing institutions not under Maduro’s control.

In a defiant move on Tuesday, the National Assembly confirmed Guaidó as its leader.

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