University of Iowa Sued Over Scholarship Cuts

(CN) – A college student claims in a class-action lawsuit that the University of Iowa revoked scholarships for him and other incoming students without warning or compensation.

Benjamin Muller filed the lawsuit against the university and its president, James B. “Bruce” Harreld, on Feb. 28 in Polk County District Court.

Muller, who currently attends the university, alleges he and other students accepted scholarships for the 2017-18 academic year.

However, he claims the university revoked the offers “without warning, without due process and without just compensation.”

According to a Des Moines Register report, state lawmakers decreased funding for the University of Iowa by $8 million, which forced the scholarship cuts. The move will reportedly save the university about $4.3 million annually.

Muller says as many as 3,000 students could be his potential legal classmates.

His lawsuit states that the court should consider whether he and other students obtained a vested property interest in their scholarships.

In addition, Muller asked the court to consider whether students were given due process before the revocation or compensation after the revocation.

Muller is represented by attorney Harley Erbe of Des Moines.

The university has not yet responded to an email request for comment.

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