Universal Says Lion’s Gate Swiped Character

     LOS ANGELES (CN) – Lion’s Gate Entertainment stole a character from the movie “Midnight Run,” and wrote him into the “inane action” in its “Witless Protection” film, Universal City Studios says in a copyright claim in Federal Court.

     Both movies follow their main characters in a cross-country chase, Universal says. The characters are followed by the FBI, which is headed by the character that is the basis of this complaint.
     In both films, the identically named character Alonzo Mosley is played by the actor Yaphet Kotto. “And like the Alonzo Mosley character in ‘Midnight Run,’ ‘Witless Protection’s’ Alonzo Mosley wears essentially the same wardrobe, projects the same stern and humorless persona, and is frequently ‘outsmarted’ by the pursued protagonist,” the complaint states.
     Universal demands damages for copyright infringement and unfair business practices, and wants all copies of “Witless Protection” impounded. It is represented by Adam Thurston.

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