Uncle Sam Seizes More Stuff In Mexican Meth Precursor Case

    WASHINGTON (CN) – Please notify us of the auction. The United States has seized a Lamborghini Murcielago, two 2007 Mercedeses and $687,000 from Michele Wong and Zhenli Ye Gon, alleged profits from importing and diverting precursor chemicals for methamphetamine – ephedrine and pseudoephedrine.
Prosecutors in March seized more than a ton of $100 bills from Ye Gon’s
Mexico City house – $205 million in cash. They also seized 87 tons of chemicals from the Mexico City pharmaceutical wholesaler, Unimed Pharmchem Mexico. Ye Gon says gangsters forced him to play ball or they would kill his family. Prosecutors say Ye Gon lost $126 million gambling in Las Vegas since 2004, and gave millions more to his girlfriend, Wong. Prosecutors say the case is a result of meth manufacturers moving labs from the United States to Mexico. The seized cars at issue here have an estimated value of $331,000. See complaint.

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