UN Rights Panel Will|Take a Look at Arizona

     (CN) – Arizona’s harsh immigration law will be a subject of the first Universal Periodic Review the United Nations Human Rights Council has ever directed at the United States. The review will come Friday in Geneva. The ACLU has submitted a 19-page report to the UN, detailing its concerns about U.S. policies that threaten human rights.

     The executive director of the ACLU of Arizona will be in Geneva as an observer.
     The UN will take a look at other U.S. laws and policies and their effects on human rights, ACLU of Arizona executive director Alessandra Soler Meetze said. Other states have copied Arizona in trying to enact immigration laws, despite the Constitution’s definition of immigration as a federal concern.
     In its report to the UN, the ACLU cited torture and “extraordinary rendition,” lack of access to counsel for poor citizens, curtailed protections for women who have been subjected to domestic violence, denial and limitation of review for death penalty cases, widespread abuse of immigrants including legal abuses, and wide-ranging violations under the rubric of state secrets and national security.

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