UFC in Fight Over Confidential Info

     LAS VEGAS (CN) – Zuffa Inc., owner of the Ultimate Fighting Championship brand, says a sports agent and promoter tried to swipe confidential information to compete against the popular mixed martial arts brand.

     In a lawsuit filed in Clark County Court, Zuffa says Ken Pavis, “who also refers to himself as ‘The Pav'” and who claims to head the “‘largest and most successful MMA sports management company in the industry,” sent an e-mail to Bjorn Rebney, founder and CEO of Bellator Sport Worldwide, which organizes and promotes similar fighting events.
     In the e-mail, Zuffa says Rebney asked Pavia for “seminal docs from the UFC, so that we can re-do them and implement them for Bellator.”
     Although Zuffa isn’t sure what documents to which the e-mail referred, it believes the documents include “promotional agreements, bout agreements, sponsorship forms, extension letters, injury forms and the like.”
     “As a self-professed agent for 40 current and former Zuffa fighters, Pavia … would have access to various agreements entered into between its clients and Zuffa,” the lawsuit states. “Such access does not, however, entitle Pavia … to distribute said agreements to third parties.
     “To the contrary, all of these agreements contain very explicit confidential provisions that have been vigorously enforced by Zuffa.”
     Zuffa seeks unspecified damages for violating federal trade secret laws, civil conspiracy and contract violations, among other things.
     Also named as defendants are Pavia Holdings, which is doing business as MMA Agents.
     It is represented by Donald J. Campbell with Campbell & Williams

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