U.S. Treasury Names 21|Entities Considered ‘Iran’

     WASHINGTON (CN) – The Office of Foreign Assets Control has named 21 parties it considers to be the government of Iran, in addition to those already established.
The entities’ names are published under regulations limiting Iranian transactions, which are based on executive orders.
     In 1987, the president found that the Government of Iran was “actively supporting terrorism as an instrument of state policy,” and prohibited the importation of Iranian-origin goods and services.
     In 1995, the president declared a national emergency regarding the actions and policies of the Government of Iran, including “its support for international terrorism, its efforts to undermine the Middle East peace process, and its efforts to acquire weapons of mass destruction and the means to deliver them.”
     To deal with that threat, Executive Order 12957 imposed prohibitions on certain transactions regarding the development of Iranian petroleum resources. Later in 1995, the president imposed comprehensive trade and financial sanctions on Iran. The orders were consolidated and clarified in 1997.
     Among the 21 entities newly listed are five companies under the name “Ascotec,” one in Japan and the rest in Germany, two banks in Belarus, five additional companies in Germany, one in Italy, and one in Luxembourg.
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