U.S. Still Acting to Keep|Arms From Hezbollah

     WASHINGTON (CN) – President Barack Obama continues to block the property of those undermining the sovereignty of Lebanon or its democratic processes or institutions.
     The national emergency and related actions of 2007 have been extended for 1 year.
     The president’s original national emergency order and measures adopted to squelch the supply of arms and funds to the resistance has been applied to those undermining Lebanon’s legitimate and democratically elected government or democratic institutions; contributing to the deliberate breakdown in the rule of law in Lebanon, including through politically motivated violence and intimidation; and reasserting Syrian control or contributing to Syrian interference in Lebanon.
     In extending the emergency, the president referred to “certain ongoing activities, such as continuing arms transfers to Hezbollah that include increasingly sophisticated weapons systems, serve to undermine Lebanese sovereignty, contribute to political and economic instability in Lebanon, and continue to constitute an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security and foreign policy of the United States.”
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