U.S. Says Consular Worker is a Coyote

     MANHATTAN (CN) – An employee of the Dominican Consulate is accused of using his diplomatic visa – which covers his family of 8 – to smuggle dozens of people into the United States. Francisco “Danilo” Estevez allegedly charged $10,000 a head to bring in undocumented people on his A-2 visa on twice-monthly trips.

     Estevez’s A-2 visa, for him, his wife and their six kids, gave him “expedited process at passport control at the airport,” federal prosecutors said. The U.S. Attorney’s Office described his job only as “a full-time employee at a consular post.”
     Estevez, 48, is charged with two counts of alien smuggling. If convicted, he could be sentenced to up to 20 years in prison.

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