U.S. Health Care Industry Earned|$1.6 Trillion in 2006, Census Bureau Reports

     WASHINGTON – The U.S. health care industry took in $1.6 trillion in 2006, with physicians’ and dentists’ bills accounting for 27 percent of that, the U.S. Census Bureau said in a report of health care and social assistance.

     Physicians’ offices took in $331 billion in 2006, and dentists’ $87 billion, the Census Bureau reported.
     “Health care and social assistance” income grew by 6.1 percent in 2006, down from a 7.2 percent increase the year before.
     Here are more highlights from the report:
     Hospitals took in $654 billion in 2006.
     Ambulatory health care services took in $647 billion – this sum includes the income of doctors’ and dentists’ offices, as well as chiropractors and optometrists.
     Nursing and residential care facilities took in $149 billion.
     Social assistance services, which includes services for children, youths, the elderly and community food services, took in $117 billion.

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