U.N. Security Chief Was Double-Dipping, Feds Say

     (CN) – A former United Nations employee was indicted for allegedly concealing his two concurrent jobs as a security officer at both the U.N. and National Labor Relations Board.

     The indictment, unsealed Thursday, charges Jeffery Armstrong with nine counts of wire fraud.
     Armstrong formerly served as assistant chief of the security and safety service at the U.N. in New York City, receiving an annual salary of approximately $160,000. In 2008, he allegedly took medical leave to apply for a job as security chief of the National Labor Relations Board’s Washington D.C. office. He got the job with an annual salary of $121,000.
     According to the Department of Justice, Armstrong held both positions for about four months in 2009. To hide his dual employment, Armstrong allegedly submitted false employment forms and dissuaded NLRB personnel from contacting his U.N. supervisor.
     “It was a further part of the scheme that, in order to induce continued payment of his U.N. salary, Armstrong submitted medical leave documentation to the U.N., indicating that he was unable to work and was undergoing medical treatment, despite his full-time employment at the NLRB,” according to the indictment.
     Armstrong received more than $100,000 in salary payments from both entities during this time.
     His actions attracted the attention of the FBI and NLRB Office of Inspector General, resulting in his arrest. Armstrong made his initial appearance this morning in the Eastern District of Virginia.
     Each count of wire fraud carries a possible sentence of 20 years imprisonment and a $250,000 fine.

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