Turkey Revokes Licenses |for Radio and TV Outlets

     ISTANBUL (AP) — The state-run Anadolu news agency is reporting that Turkey’s media regulatory agency has canceled all broadcast rights and licenses for any media outlets that are linked to or are supportive of the group the government holds responsible for Friday night’s failed coup.
     The agency said Tuesday that the Supreme Board of Radio and Television voted unanimously to revoke permissions for “any radio or television outlet connected with or supportive of” the group linked to U.S.-based cleric Fetullah Gulen. The government accuses him of plotting the coup and wants him extradited.
     The vague directive doesn’t identify specific media outlets, leaving it open for interpretation. The Turkish Journalist Association said they are discussing the new directive and have no immediate comment.
     Domestic and international groups have condemned the crackdown against media outlets in the aftermath of the attempted coup.

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