Tug-of-War Over|Steven Seagal TV Show

     LOS ANGELES (CN) – The Idea Factory, a production company, claims Steven Seagal abandoned an agreement to star in a “reality” TV show in which Seagal works as a New Orleans sheriff’s deputy, and filmed the show with another producer.
     The A&E Television Network already has sued The Idea Factory in Manhattan Federal Court, saying that any ideas it submitted in connection with A&E’s TV series, “Steven Seagal: Lawman,” were neither novel, original, nor protectable.
     In its complaint in Los Angeles Superior Court, The Idea Factory claims that Segal asked Idea principal Darryl Silver to create a reality show about his life, but refused to sign an agreement, insisting that “his handshake is his bond.”
     The Idea Factory says it came up with the show idea and pitched it to A&E “with the expectation that A&E would compensate Idea Factory if it used the idea.”
     But Seagal’s agent and Steamroller Productions head Phillip Goldfine allegedly cut Idea Factory out of the picture by setting up the show directly with A&E.
     The Idea Factory seeks damages and revenue from the show.
     The Idea Factory and Rebel Entertainment Partners are represented by Neville Johnson with Johnson & Johnson of Beverly Hills.

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