Trustee Goes After Doc’s Estate in Hep C Case

     LAS VEGAS (CN) – The trustee in the bankruptcy case of the doctor at the center of a massive hepatitis C scare sued the doctor, Dipak Desai, is asking a federal bankruptcy judge to deny Desai’s request for a bankruptcy discharge.
     Desai filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy to protect him from creditors. If it’s denied, his estate won’t be protected.
     William A. Leonard Jr., who was appointed Chapter 7 trustee for Desai’s estate, claims Desai has refused to provide financial information for his bankruptcy, pleading ill health, though a Clark County judge determined him to be competent in February.
     “Plaintiff is informed and believes … defendant has been competent to provide testimony regarding his property, liabilities, financial condition and business transactions,” according to the complaint in U.S. Bankruptcy Court.
     Leonard claims Desai and his wife, Dr. Kusum Desai, withheld information about a purchase plan for her business, and about the amount of his expected tax return and his dealings as manager of AAA Om Financial.
     Desai and two nurses, Keith Mathahs and Ronald Lakeman, face criminal charges that at least one patient died after Desai allegedly ordered Propofol vials to be reused during endoscopy treatments.
     At least seven patients tested positive for hepatitis C, according to the numerous lawsuits filed in the matter.
     Desai, Mathahs and Lakeman pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder after patient Rodolfo Meana died in April.
     A status check hearing on that case has been set for Sept. 19.
     The three men are set for trial Oct. 22 on 28 felony charges, including neglect and racketeering.
     Forty-one civil lawsuits against Desai filed in response to the hepatitis C scare were settled in February, but the terms were not disclosed.
     Trustee Leonard is represented by James P. Hill with Sullivan, Hill, Lewin, Rez & Engel.

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