Trump Settles Dispute |With Ex-Campaign Aide

     NEW YORK (AP) — Donald Trump settled a $10 million legal dispute with a former political consultant he had accused of violating a nondisclosure agreement.
     Terms of the settlement, which included a counter lawsuit against Trump, were confidential.
     The decision brings to a close the latest move by the GOP presidential nominee to aggressively enforce terms of confidentiality agreements he requires nearly every employee to sign.
     Trump had sought $10 million in damages from Sam Nunberg after accusing the former aide of leaking information to reporters after Nunberg was fired.
     In response, Nunberg filed a lawsuit in New York state court, accusing Trump of trying to silence him because he chose to support Texas Sen. Ted Cruz in the GOP primary.
     “Unfortunately, Donald J. Trump For President, Inc., with whom Mr. Nunberg has no agreement to arbitrate, is attempting to bully Mr. Nunberg into silence, although he has not disparaged Mr. Trump or any other entity referred to in the agreement,” the complaint stated.
     The details of the settlement were not disclosed in court papers, and attorneys on either side declined to provide further details.
     “All I can say it that it was amicably resolved, the whole dispute,” said Alan Garten, general counsel for the Trump Organization.
     Nunberg’s attorney, Andrew Miltenberg, issued a similar statement in an email to The Associated Press. Nunberg did not immediately respond to an email requesting comment.
     Day reported from Washington.
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