Trump Promises Swift Changes in Transition Video

By Tim Ryan

WASHINGTON (CN) – President-elect Donald Trump Monday promised a series of executive actions within his first 100 days in office that would undo Obama administration achievements and roll back regulations.

Speaking directly to the camera in a short video posted by his transition team, Trump promised to immediately withdraw from the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement, cut down on Obama-era regulations on energy production and enact a new rule that would eliminate two old regulations for every new one enacted.

He also said he would have the Department of Labor investigate “abuses” of visa programs and impose a 5-year lobbying ban on executive office officials.

“These are just a few of the steps we will take to reform Washington and rebuild the middle class,” Trump said in the video.

The promises in the video are mostly holdovers from Trump’s fiery rallies and campaign stops, though perhaps with more specificity than he offered as a candidate.  However, Trump did not mention a repeal of Affordable Care Act, a key tenet of the platform that landed him in the White House.

Trump also responded in the video to reports that his efforts to build a government are in disarray, assuring viewers the transition team he has assembled is moving “smoothly, efficiently and effectively”

He did not address a swell of new controversy surrounding potential conflicts of interest with his many business holdings and his new office. In a meeting with The New York Times earlier in the day Trump admitted he “might have” talked with Brexit leader Nigel Farage about the British politician opposing a Scottish wind farm that Trump has long complained would block the views of one of his golf courses.

This comes after a picture circulated last week showing Trump’s daughter Ivanka, who will help run his business while he is in office, sitting in on a meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

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