Trump Director Resigns After Lawsuit for Gunplay

     (CN) — A North Carolina staffer for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign claims in court that the former state campaign director pulled a gun on him, and his allegations caused the official to step down Thursday.
     Vincent Bordini, who calls himself “a dedicated, loyal Trump campaign staffer,” says in a lawsuit filed Wednesday that Earl Phillip, the Trump campaign’s former North Carolina state director, pushed a gun barrel into his kneecap in February.
     “It happened in Phillip’s Jeep,” the 15-page complaint states. “Phillip was driving and Vincent was in the passenger seat. Phillip produced a pistol, put his right index finger on the trigger, and drove the barrel into Vincent’s kneecap.”
     Bordini says he reported the incident, and heard of four other people who had a gun pulled on them by Phillip, but “nothing happened.”
     “Vincent eventually described the incident to Trump Campaign Manager Corey Lewandowski,” the lawsuit states. “In response, the Trump campaign neither terminated nor suspended Phillip.”
     But Phillip, who had left the North Carolina job to join Trump’s National Diversity Coalition, resigned on Thursday, according to a WCCB report.
     He said in a statement to WCCB, “I have retained legal counsel. I have also stepped down from all affiliation with any and all organizations associated with Donald J. Trump for President to include the campaign and National Diversity Coalition for Trump.”
     Bordini sued Phillip and Donald J. Trump for President Inc. in Mecklenburg County Superior Court. He says he filed the lawsuit “to hold the Trump campaign and Phillip accountable.”
     “Vincent was a passionate Donald J. Trump supporter,” the complaint states. “He decided that putting his head down and soldiering on was the best thing he could do for Mr. Trump. He had faith that the Trump campaign would handle the situation internally. But as time went on it became apparent that this was not going to happen.”
     Bordini says that, after Phillip pulled the gun away during the February incident, Phillip acted “as if nothing had happened” and “drove on and didn’t talk about it again.”
     Bordini seeks punitive damages for allegations of assault, battery, infliction of emotional distress, and negligent retention and supervision. He is represented by Sean Herrmann in Charlotte, N.C.

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