Trump, Biden Neck and Neck in Key Battleground Matchups

(CN) – Former Vice President Joe Biden holds small margin-of-error leads in hypothetical matchups with President Donald Trump in several key battleground states, according to polling data released Monday from The New York Times and Siena College.

The poll shows Biden commands small leads against Trump among registered voters in four vital 2020 toss-up states, with Biden leading Trump by five points in Arizona, three points each in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, and two points in Florida. Biden manages to tie the president in Michigan and loses to Trump by two points in North Carolina.

These leads, however, remain largely within the margin of error.

The two candidates remain locked in a tight contest among likely voters as well. Biden leads Trump by two points or less in five of the battleground states, while Trump holds a two-point lead in North Carolina.

Trump fairs better when competing in hypothetical matchups against the other two Democratic front-runners, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren.

Trump and Sanders take three battleground states each among registered voters, with Trump leading in Florida, Arizona and North Carolina and Sanders leading in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

Among likely voters, Trump beats Sanders in four of those states, with Sanders taking only Michigan. The men tie in Wisconsin.

Trump does even better in a one-on-one contest against Warren. Warren edges out the president by two points in Arizona among registered voters but loses to or ties with Trump in the other battleground states.

Among likely voters, Warren only manages to tie the president in Arizona. Trump leads the Massachusetts senator in each of the other five states.

Broken down by demographics, polling data shows much of Trump’s support comes from white voters who don’t have a college education. While each of three Democratic front-runners enjoy strong support from black, Hispanic and college-educated white voters, Trump continues to enjoy massive support from working-class white voters – one of the largest voting groups in the county.

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