Trump and Biden About Even in Poll of Georgia Voters

Vice President Joe Biden and Presidet Donald Trump will vie for voters in November. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

ATLANTA (CN) — With 41 days until the November presidential election, President Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden are neck-and-neck in Georgia, a poll released on Wednesday shows. 

According to the Monmouth University survey, Trump leads Biden by just one point among registered voters in the Peach State.

Georgia’s support for the GOP has been firmly entrenched since 1992, the last time voters opted for the Democratic nominee. But the state has recently found a spot on the list of possible battleground states in November. 

According to the poll, Trump is supported by 47% of registered voters in Georgia. Biden enjoys the support of 46% of registered voters in the state.

Another 2% of respondents said they will vote for Libertarian candidate Jo Jorgensen. The remaining 4% say they are undecided. 

Of those, 42% said they are certain to vote for Trump and 40% said the same about Biden.

The former vice president has a 20-point advantage in some 14 swing counties in the state where the 2016 presidential race between Trump and Hillary Clinton was the tightest. Trump won the state by five points in 2016.

If there is higher turnout during this election than during 2016, Monmouth predicts the race to go 48% for Trump and 46% for Biden. Pollsters in a statement accompanying the results cited figures that show Trump leading by a slightly higher point margin in the instance of a low-turnout election.

They noted that Wednesday’s overall findings are “nearly identical” to a Monmouth survey from July. 

While the appearance of a tight presidential race in Georgia may be stable from poll to poll, a look at the changes among specific demographics reveals some major swings.

“The overall stability masks shifting gains and losses among a key demographic group,” the pollsters said.

Biden, for example, gained favorability among voters 50-64 years of age, enjoying 54% support in that age group to Trump’s 43%, though he had previously trailed slightly behind the president. Among voters under 50, the Democratic nominee enjoys a lead of 47% to 42% — overtaking Trump in a demographic that showed an even split between the two candidates just months ago. 

On the other hand, Trump has surpassed Biden when it comes to voters over the age of 65. Among seniors, Trump leads Biden by a whopping 61% to 36%.

“There seems to be a tension between shoring up the base and courting swing voters in Georgia. A loss in one demographic group appears to be offset by a gain in another,” said Patrick Murray, director of the independent Monmouth University Polling Institute in a statement on Wednesday. 

Monmouth conducted the poll of 402 registered Georgia voters by telephone between Sept. 17 and Sept. 21. It contains a margin of error of +/- 4.9%.

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