Travel and Remittances|to Cuba Are Liberalized

     WASHINGTON (CN) – Schools and religious organizations operating programs in Cuba will be able to send more of their employees and program participants abroad, under more liberal travel regulations adopted by the Office of Foreign Assets Control.

Under the new regulations, all employees and contractors of religious and educational institutions will be allowed to travel to Cuba whereas under current rules only full-time employees can travel under specific licenses granted by the Office of Foreign Assets Control.
     In addition to expanding the numbers of people eligible to travel to Cuba, the new regulations also grant general licenses to ongoing programs so sponsoring organizations do not have to renew their licenses each year.
     To service the increased travel expected by the regulations, all U.S. international airports will be allowed to apply to provide chartered travel services to Cuba.
     To encourage private economic activity, any U.S. resident will be allowed to send up to $500 per quarter to non-family members in Cuba – in addition to remittances already allowed to family members – to support private businesses and trade.
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