‘Trashman’ Posted Alarmist Videos, Feds Say

     NEW YORK (CN) – Anton Dunn, using the alias “Trashman,” posted threatening videos on YouTube, in which he claims to have told Gerber employees to poison baby food with the intent to kill millions of black babies, federal prosecutors claim.

     Dunn has been charged with two counts of knowingly making false information about a consumer product, creating a risk of death or bodily injury to others. The first of three videos, uploaded as “gerbersbabyfoodalert” under the user name “TrashmanTUNIT,” shows “Trashman” in what appears to be a shower stall, wearing a black mask, according to a special agent with the Food and Drug Administration.
     “Trashman” claims to have directed Gerber insiders to poison millions of bottles of baby food – including 5,000 with cyanide – and that it is “too late” to do anything about it, prosecutors claim. Dunn allegedly says the poisoning was meant to kill black babies, but that white babies will probably die, too. He further states that he will “never be caught,” and has continued to post videos in which he threatens or claims to have committed acts of violence, prosecutors say.
     Gerber was flooded with consumer complaints after Dunn posted his second ominous video, company representatives claim. Gerber claims it found no evidence of poisoning, according to the lawsuit, and the FDA has not received any reports of injury or death that can be traced to the videos’ threats.

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